Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Farmers Market

I haven't been posting much lately. I guess it is about time that I did something about that. There really hasn't been much of excitement to write about. I have been busy but not with much that would be of interest to read.
I went to the farmers market this evening. I have been several times before. I think I enjoy it more each time I go. When I walk through the streets I can't help but smile to myself. It is like a little festival. I can't believe they have something like that every week. There are families that bring their blankets to lay out on the ground and have a picnic. There are people playing music at different places through the street. Today there was a fiddle player and a guitar player. That was kind of fun to hear. The last few weeks there has been a couple playing and singing Mexican music. There is usually a guy sitting on a bar stool with a microphone and a guitar.
The vendors are varied and plenteous. They aren't all what you would expect from a "farmers market." There are many produce vendors but but there are just as many vendors of other sorts. Picture a festival in a midwestern town and that is what you have. There is roasted corn on the cob, various sandwiches, grilled everything, popcorn, etc. Tonight I decided to get some Peruvian food for supper. I ordered a chicken sandwich and some chicken, rice and vegetables. I got it home and found out that they forgot to give me the sandwich. I was kind of upset. It was too late to go back and do anything about it. I guess such goes life...
I did get strawberries, tangerines, tomatoes, persian cucumbers, and bell peppers. Yum! I always look forward to the farmers market even if the traffic and parking to get there is not so much fun!
There are also several flower vendors. The sell some of the most beautiful flowers and bouquets. There are many colors and varieties of flowers. They would be beautiful at a summer wedding!