Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPod Survey

Amanda and I got to talking today about what kind of iPod we would get if we could get any we wanted. I think I would want a pink (or any other color) Nano. Oh, and it would need to be one with a camera on it. :) An iPod Touch would be nice in some ways but I really think I would prefer the other. So what about you? Which one would you choose and why?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Florida Vacation

OK, here we go. I finally got the pictures from my trip yesterday, and got them uploaded tonight. I didn't think there were that many until I started uploading them. I left out a bunch!

This was a few days into our trip. It was the first time Jim remembered to bring the camera along. :) We were walking in the woods because we were so sun burnt we decided to stay out of the sun for a day. We walked some trails in the woods on base. It was very beautiful. I was talking to Beckisue when he snapped the picture.
One of my favorite places down there was the "Gazebo Tower" (what I called it anyway). It was just that - a very tall gazebo at the end of a boardwalk. It over looked a swampy area and the in the distance you could see the gulf. There are several pictures from there throughout this post. This was our first visit there.

Jim and me in the gazebo tower

And the three of us!

Can you tell the roof was lattice? :)

On Saturday we had decided not to go to the beach. Jim and Marge said there were too many people there on Saturday. The beach was the private base beach but weekends were still full. We went shopping all morning. In the afternoon we decided that since there were a storm blowing in there wouldn't be many people on the beach. We were right. There weren't people on the beach for good reason. The wind was horrible! Marge staid on a bench on the boardwalk and Jim and I walked the beach. We decided to walk 2o minutes and then turn around. Just one little problem - we didn't think about the fact that we started out with the wind to our backs! When we turned around the wind was so strong we had to lean into it. We couldn't talk to each other because we couldn't hear anything. The sand was blowing so hard it was stinging our legs. The crashing waves were amazing though. The 20 minutes out made it totally worth it (I think). :)

Marge and I when the sun returned.

A pause on the very long boardwalk on the way back from the beach.

Sorry this one is sideways. I rotated it in iPhoto and then accidentally uploaded the wrong one. I am not about to start over again. There is a silly story behind this picture. Beckisue loves to walk on railings. It freaks Jim out. He just worries she is going to fall. So they tease each other back and forth about it. One day he decided he would stand on the railing and get a picture just to tease her. So he did... I left out the picture of me on the rail. :)
One of our little lizard friends. Jim and Marge said they thought it was a gecko.

One of my favorite things on the whole trip was the evening we watched the sunset from the gazebo tower. It was gorgeous. I took up my violin to play while we were there. When I pulled it out and was looking at the beauty the first song that came to mind was "How Great Thou Art." I couldn't help but play it. The sunset was absolutely beautiful. I could never describe it and the pictures cannot show it's beauty.

Jim taking a picture of me watching the sunset when I didn't know it. (in my "adorable green jacket")

The water - just in case anyone was wondering.

This would be me - being me.
I fixed supper in our apartment one night. A very simple meal but it was fun. We went out most of the time.

Jim and I came in from a walk one night and he pulled out the camera while I was sitting on the arm of the chair. So...

...I took the camera and took one of him! :)

This would be what I look like when I have been swimming in the waves.

This was at the Thai restaurant. We ate Japanese, Mexican, Thai, and Chinese on this trip. :)

Sail boats way out in the distances.
So that is the end of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed and didn't get too bored. :)