Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip to Illinois

Last Thursday my mom, Stephanie, Amanda, Monica and I got to go to Illinois after trying to get down there all summer. Every time we tried there was always something else going on.  We had a blast. I love getting to visit with my family! This was the first time we got to see Erin's baby and she is already six months old! This isn't the greatest of posts. I was having issues loading the pictures. They are in no particular order. I didn't even load all the pictures I wanted to. But at least it is a start! It is a post with pictures! 

Amanda, Erin, me, Stephanie, Monica, Joselyn, Brandy and Troy (who didn't want to be in the picture!)
Erin and Me

Steph, Erin and her baby Joselyn
Mom, Me, Aunt Sue and Stephanie
Me and Stephanie

Grandpa, Stephanie, and Norma

Stephanie and me

Mom and Joselyn

Monday, September 14, 2009

A post about nothing!

Yes, for those of you who are wondering, I am still alive. Not that anyone actually reads this blog that doesn't talk to me way more often that I post! I definitely haven't posted for lack of things to post about. This summer - and year for that matter - has been one adventure after an other. California, Boston, South Bend, Michigan, Colorado, and Leesburg. Those are just the places, the activities in those places would take much story telling! I probably will not get around to catching up on all those things. Maybe I will actually finish the second half to the last post though! That would at least be good!