Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Finished (almost)

The quilting is finished! Yea! The binding isn't done yet, but that is the easy and quick part. My finger can now have a chance to heal. I have quilted until I had thick calluses and then kept quilting until the calluses got picked off so my finger are raw. And I still love quilting. :)
Now we can move on to other things - like my dress. We had better get on that since we are leaving a week from today. Amanda is almost done making a dress for her self and Stephanie still wants to make a new one (which means Mom or I will make it for her). It is a good thing I enjoy spending time in the sewing room. :)
I will post pictures when I can. We haven't even taken any yet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quilting and etc.

Things have been pretty monotonous around here - quilting, quilting, quilting. With some cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercise, and sewing thrown in. I think we are about half way through with the quilt. At this rate we should get finished in time, but we have several more projects we have to finish while we are doing the quilt! My sisters and I have to finish our costumes for my Heroines of History tea part which is Sunday afternoon. We all also have to write our character outlines for that. Anyone like writing and want to help me out? ;) Next week, begins the most important thing we have to get done before the wedding. I have to alter my bridesmaid dress. It wouldn't be the end of the world if we didn't get the quilt done before the wedding, but if I didn't get the dress done...
I have to tell one funny thing before I head off to bed, where I should already be. Last night my finger was so pricked from all the quilting that it was just raw. We have been using liquid bandage to help protect but after a while that doesn't even help much. After supper I decided I had to find something to help protect my finger. So, I came up with an idea - I took some of the liquid bandage (which smells and looks very much like clear nail polish) and put a little on the tip of my finger. While it was still wet I put a little scrap of paper and then coated the whole tip with the liquid bandage again. It worked! It was soft enough to prick, but hard enough to protect my finger. My finger was still so hard from it today that I never even had to cover it!
Well, I'm off to bed so I can get some rest and start all over again tomorrow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

John Newton Quote

I found this quote yesterday and thought it was amazing. I just wanted to share it with everyone.
"I saw what indeed I knew before, but never til then so strongly and clearly perceived, that, as a sinner, I had no right, and as a believer, I could have to reason, to complain.  Farther, that his sovereignty was connected with infinite wisdom and goodness, and that, consequently, if it were possible for me to alter any part of his plan, I could only spoil it; that such a short-sighted creature as I, so blind to the possible consequences of my own wishes, was not only unworthy, but unable, to choose well for himself; and that it was therefore my great mercy and privilege, that the Lord condescended to choose for me."

--John Newton

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So many posts- So little time

We have been SO busy around our house. I don't think I have gone any where all week except to our neighbors house to baste the quilt. I have so many things to do in the next three weeks it makes my head spin! We just got my cousins quilt on the frame today and we have to have it quilted in three weeks. It is a queen size and the whole thing is quilted on an inch and a half grid. My bridesmaids dress for the wedding has to be altered - that includes three rolled hems because it is chiffon with two linings! I also decided to torture myself and throw in my Heroines of History tea party between now and the wedding! Yikes! By the end of the day I am so tired I can't even think about posting about anything! I just thought I would write a few lines and let you all know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. If I can just remember all the things I wanted to post about when I have time to post them! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just A Post

This blog has not been living up to it's title. I have not been posting my weekly activities let alone daily. That is because I have been having a hard enough time keeping up with the activities let alone blogging about them! I am far to tired to post tonight but I am going to try to write a little anyway. I am sure this will be very boring to most of you so you don't even have to read. :) (not that you ever HAVE to read any of them)
A lady from our church had surgery last week so I spent Friday and today with her family. She was much better today than Friday. She was up and around and even able to walk to the park. She is not able to lift anything so I was needed to help take care of her children and carry a few other things.
After lunch we walked to the park. It was a beautiful day. It was a first day that was on the verge of being hot. I know in a few weeks it won't feel hot at all though! We enjoyed the park. I even got a little bit of a sun burn. There was one other lady there with her two kids. We enjoyed visiting with them. The little boy was hilarious. He said the funniest things! At one point he saw Kelsie going across the monkey-bars and said "Look Mom! She is crossing the monkey-bars just like Cinderella!" His mom and I looked at each other and both said "Hmmm... We missed that part of the story!" He was a riot.
When I was done I went to see Courtney. We had a nice time just chatting. We were both very tired though. I had fun playing with Ava, of course. She was getting pretty worked up after a while so I figured it was time to go so she could go to bed. :)
When I got home we worked in the garden for a while. It is all planted now. Yea! We are getting our garden in pretty late this year!
There is my journaling for today. Coming from a very tired brain so it probably won't even make sense if I tried to read it tomorrow. Oh well, at least ten year from now I will remember what I did on May 6, 2008. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Happy Song

Dale sent me a song last night that he had found. I loved it! I have been listening to her every time I get a chance all day. I wanted to post the video but I can't figure out how to post a youtube video (help!). I did figure out how to put it in the sidebar - however I didn't figure out how to get ONLY the one I wanted. Listen to the one of the girl with the violin and ignore the guy making a goofy face. :) I also wanted to post Nearer My God to Thee by the same girl but I can't get that one. One of these days I might actually learn how to use this thing. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Anyone Heard the term "Bird Brain"?

I have developed a new understanding for the term "Bird Brain". Birds just aren't very smart! Four days ago a cardinal started flying into the music room window. And then he did it again... and again. Four days later he is still doing it! I can't believe it. You would think he would be dead by now! It is SO funny to watch. He will sit on the branch near the window and then fly and smack the glass. Then he will try again in a few seconds. I think he must be very stubborn. I have seen lots of birds fly into windows but never have I seen one keep it up for four days!!!