Friday, May 6, 2011

Randomness - Just because I feel like it

This is just going to be a very random post. I am just giving your warning.
First of all I didn't do well with my posts for the end of April, but thank you everyone that joined me in prayer for each thing.

Second: I do not particularly like sewing sleeves in. I never have and probably never will. When I have to put a sleeve from one pattern in a bodice from an other.... YUCK! I have put four different sleeves in since yesterday and none of them look right. I might be bald if I don't figure this thing out tomorrow. I have to get this pattern all together so we can start making the real bridesmaid dresses. All I have to say is we had better look good!

My family played music for a mother daughter banquet tonight. I am sure this was our last musical program before Beckisue gets married. Kind of sad in a way.
The banquet was beautiful. Old fashioned tea was the theme. I got a lot of ideas for Beckisue's tea luncheon bridal shower.

Never go shopping with someone when you are wearing heals and they are wearing flip flops. Just not a good idea. I was wearing the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I think I have ever owned (and also one of the cutest) and Beckisue decided to stop on the way home from the banquet tonight and finish registering. After standing a LOT for the whole banquet thing my feet HURT!

Courtney is coming tomorrow and I am excited.

The End