Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Courtney

Just about four years ago God brought a new person into my life. Little did I know that day what God had in store for us. At that point in time she was not a believer. We basically held nothing in common which made conversation difficult at times. :)
Suddenly several months later. I saw a drastic difference in her. She had been born again. The Spirit of God now indwells her.
Over the last years it has been my wonderful blessing to watch her grow in the Lord like no one I have ever seen.
In four I have watched as she has gone from a person I couldn't carry on a conversation with, to my closest friend. She is my peer, yet at many times my teacher. God continues to sanctify each of us through each others lives. I cannot begin to write down what a blessing she is to me!
Happiest of birthdays, Courtney. I love you so very much!