Thursday, January 28, 2010

For All We Know

This is one of my favorite songs the Carpenters did. I listened to it like five times on the way to my violin lessons this morning. I decided to share. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heather the Cosmetologist

Heather did our makeup today. Don't we look beautiful?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Psalm 23

A couple of weeks ago (January 4-6) Jonathan and I went to Detroit to a Student Global Impact conference. I had never even heard of it before. I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved every minute of it though! It was totally worth the trip. We heard nine sermons and eight workshops. Participated in an hour of corporate prayer, and over an hour of corporate singing. Did I mention it was awesome?!
My favorite preacher at the conference was named Matt Hoskinson. He preached twice. The first sermon was on the centrality of the Cross. The second was on Psalm 23. Everyone who had been raised in a Christian home, and some who were not, can quote that chapter from the time they can talk practically. But this sermon made that passage come alive. It was totally amazing. Last night I read Psalm 23 and then decided to read over some of the notes I wrote down during the sermon. As I was reading I decided to share. Not everything is here, but the main points I wanted to share are.

Our God is our Shepherd worthy of our trust.
Our Shepherd is worthy of our pursuit.
Shepherd is someone who tends a flock.
a Shepherd is one who holds the sheep's heart and has the best interest of the sheep at heart.
When the Lord is my Shepherd I lack nothing.
If you have Him than you have all you need.
v2 - He provides rest and often what we desire.
He gives physical rest and spiritual rest.
He causes us to rest so that we will sit in His presence.
Rest precedes activity.
The success of God's eternal plan does not depend on me! (a VERY comforting thought)
He revives our souls (He restoreth my soul)
He provides guidance
God promises to lead for His own glory!
He leads us in the right path for the sake of His name.
What removes the fear is the conscious awareness that God is with me.
My cup runs over because of You, God.
He gives us love for a lifetime.
God's goodness and mercy is in pursuit of us.
after this life is done we will dwell with God forever.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book List for 2009

I have often thought about making a list of the books I read in a year. I never actually do it though. About a week ago I decided to just make a list of the books I read this past year. I think I got them all, though I am not completely sure that was all of them. But it is pretty close anyway. They are totally not in order Just as I remembered them.

1. Falling In Love with Jesus - Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli
I actually started this book quite a while ago. I just finished it when I went to California.

2. Before Green Gables - Budge Wilson
I found this book at Costco when I first went to California. I thought it looked interesting. I found it at the library and then read it. It was cute but not nearly as good as the original Anne of Green Gables series by LM Montgomery. No one can compare with her!

3. Dana's Valley -Janette Oke
Just found a novel at the library. Very different from most Janette Oke books. Good book but very sad!

4. Heart of the Wilderness - Janette Oke
Now this one was right back along the lines of a typical Jannette Oke book.

5. God's Gift to Women - Eric Ludy
Fantastic book even if it was written for guys. It made me want to read the next two books on the list. I would highly suggest it to any young guy.

6. Set-Apart Femininity - Leslie Ludy
This is actually the sequel to Authentic Beauty. I just put it first on the list because I read it first. A fantastic book.

7. Authentic Beauty - Leslie Ludy

8. Answering the Guy Question - Eric and Leslie Ludy

9. Meet Mr. Smith - Eric and Leslie Ludy
This was quite the book. Very interesting way of writing. Definitely a unique book on purity

10. Wrestling Prayer - Eric and Leslie Ludy

11. The Bravehearted Gospel - Eric Ludy
My absolute favorite book by the Ludys. Basically a discussion about the emasculating of the Gospel. When truth is totally out of balance it ceases to be truth. When the whole Gospel is not given it becomes heresy. This is totally a five star book. I would suggest it to anyone and EVERYONE!

12. Sacred Singleness - Leslie Ludy
I think I found more that I disagreed with Leslie than in any of the other books by them. It had a lot of good, too.

13. Passion and Purity - Elisabeth Elliot
This was my second time to read that book. I loved it the first time but it seemed to mean more the second time. I really love that book.

14. Quest for Love - Elisabeth Elliot
This book was just a lot of fun to read. The subtitle was "True Stories of Passion and Purity." Most of the chapters were stories of different couples. It was definitely a fun read.

15. Treasuring God in our Traditions - Noel Piper
This was such an interesting book. This one would be very good especially for young couples/families. She talked about the importance of knowing why you do the things you do. Making sure that all our traditions point to God.

16. Princess Adelina
I bought this book while I was Boston this summer. It took me a while to get into it but I really enjoyed it once I did. It was about a period of time that I have never read about. It was about missionaries in what is now Germany during the 6th century.

17. When God Writes your Love Story - Eric and Leslie Ludy
After I got into this I remembered I had read it before. It was good the second time around, too.

18. The Vow - Kim and Krickett Carpenter
This was an autobiography. Kim and Krickett were in a car accident three months after they were married. Krickett had major head trauma. She completely lost her memory from 18 months before the accident. That meant she didn't remember meeting her husband, dating him, or marrying him! It was a fascinating story.

So there was my list.