Thursday, January 31, 2013

Passage from What is the Gospel

I read the book What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert a few months back. One section at the end jumped out at me. It pretty much slapped me across the face. Just thought I would share.

  Also, Christian, the gospel should drive you to a deeper and livelier love for God's people, the church. Not one of us Christians has earned his or her way into the inheritance God has stored up for us. We are not "self-made" citizens of the kingdom. We are included in God's promises only because we know that we are dependent on Jesus Christ to save us, and we are united to him by faith. But here's the kicker. Do you realize that the same thing is true of that brother or sister in your church who annoys you? He or she believes in and loves the same Lord Jesus that you do, and even more, he or she has been saved and forgiven by the same Lord who saved and forgave you. Think about that brother or sister you've not really taken the time to get to know because you just don't think you'd click. Think about that person with whom you have broken relationship that you've refused to repair. Now consider that he or she loves and trust in the same Lord you do. Consider that the same Lord who died for you, also died for him, for her.
  I wonder if your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ - the good news that Jesus saved you even though you didn't deserve it - is deep enough to swallow up that little criticism you have of your brothers and sisters. I wonder if it's deep enough to sink the offenses they've committed against you, even the most painful ones, and lead you to forgive them and love them just as Jesus himself has done for both of you.
  I wonder if the vastness of God's love for you has increased your love for others.

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